Page Layout dropdown is not showing on edit mode

When I edit a page on a publishing site, I don’t see the dropdown list when I click on the Page Layout button from the ribbon. After searching on Google, I found two possibilities:

  • Don’t have enough permission
  •  SharePoint ribbon tries to load unexisting content and thus errors and cannot show the dropdown.

I checked my permission and got full control. Also noticed that for users who don’t have enough permission will simply have the Page Layout button greyed out. But for me, the button was still clickable, just no dropdown.

Found out that when the site was copied across from another site using 3rd party software, my customized content type didn’t get copied across. Therefore, its associated page layout couldn’t find the content type.

So I created the content type in SharePoint Designer:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click “Content Types”
  2. From the ribbon, in the New section, choose Content Type
  3. Enter Name, Description.
  4. Parent content type from: Publishing Content Types
  5. Parent content type: Page
  6. Create a new group, e.g. My Custom Group
  7. Click OK, and you are finished with creating a content type in SPD.
  8. Go to the browser, Site Actions->Site Settings->Galleries->Master pages and page layouts->Select the page layout and Edit Properties
  9. Content Type: Page Layout
  10. Associated Content Type: Content Type Group: choose the group you created in step 6 Content Type Name: choose the content type you created in step 3
  11. Save and done!

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