SharePoint calculated column and data view web part issue


I have a list with a column called newsID. newsID is a calculated column based on created date. I set the column as a number type and leave the decimal places to be automatic.

This list also have another calculated column called newsLink. newsLink is calculated based on newsID.

I have a Data View Web Part to display a item from this list. The DVWP has a parameter and filters based on the newsID column.

Once all of these are setup, open the DVWP in browser. Copy one of the list item’s newsID value to the end of that page’s URL.  The item should display fine in the DVWP page.

Edit that item in the list. Refresh the DVWP page. Oops! You see the message “There are no items to show in this view.”



Change the newsID column to have this formula:


Select data type to be Single line of text.

Issue should be fixed.



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