CAML to Query for Recurring Events

Caml query

SharePoint 101

When you query a SharePoint calendar your results will contain:

  • All non-recurring events
  • The first event of a recurring event series

And won’t contain:

  • All remaining events in recurring event series’

Here is the CAML you need to execute to retrieve all events, including all events in recurring event series:

<listname>My Calendar</listname>





                <FieldRef Name=”EventDate”></FieldRef>

                <FieldRef Name=”EndDate”></FieldRef>

                <FieldRef Name=”EventDate”></FieldRef>

                <Value Type=”DateTime”>

                    <Year />













    <FieldRef Name=”EventDate” />

    <FieldRef Name=”EndDate” />

    <FieldRef Name=”fRecurrence” />

    <FieldRef Name=”RecurrenceData” />


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