SharePoint 2010 Blog Site Branding

After creating DVWPs for the last 3 days, I’m glad to move on to something new. That is creating a master page for a blog site in SharePoint 2010.

The first issue I faced was to change the master page. From the Site Settings, there is no option for Master Page. After reading this article, I enabled the publishing feature and now I see the master page option. Changed the system master page to be the custom one that I created. This potentially will be inconvient for site admins, but after reading a few articles online, there is no workaround for this. MS didn’t have a solution for this either.

SharePoint blogs are considered to be a collabration feature. Therefore, it can’t do a lot of things that publishing pages can do. For example, it uses the System Master Page instead of Site Master Page. It doesn’t have the option for choosing a different page layout.

In order to customize the master page of my blog, I had to change the System Master Page to my custom master page. The backend now looks a little funny because I have a copyright footer added to the master page. All the forms also display the footers.

Here are the steps I took to add a custom master page:

1. Open the root site in SharePoint Designer, navigate to Master Page. Duplicate the v4.master and name it blog-v4.master

2. Navigate to Style Library, create a new css file and call it blog-v4.css

3. In blog-v4.master, attach the following link just before </head>

<SharePoint:CssRegistration name=”/Style Library/blog-v4.css” After=”corev4.css” runat=”server”/>

4. Add the footer div after DeveloperDashboard

<SharePoint:DeveloperDashboard runat="server"/>
<div class="bFooter">
    <p>Copyright © 1992 - 2010 My Limited - All Rights Reserved | <a target="_blank" href="/sitemap.aspx">Sitemap</a></p>

5. Go back to blog-v4.css, add all the styles to customize the master page.

6. Check in both blog-v4.master and blog-v4.css

7. Go back to the browser and open the blog site, go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Under Look and Feel -> Master page -> change System Master Page to blog-v4.master


SharePoint 2010 Blogs Customisation

I was trying to apply custom master pages to the blog sites.

Copied the custom master page which I used for the main site over to the blog site via SPD. Right clicked on it to set as both Default Master Page and Custom Master Page.

Worked on the blog’s default page but also effected the system admin page.

From this post, it seems that it doesn’t have a fix for it.


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